Saturday, 31 January 2015

A quick look at my new doll: Grcae Thomas GOTY 2015!

Howdy all! So for christmas (2014) my parents said that I could get the 2015 GOTY Grace Thomas! So she finally arrived after a super super long wait! She took ages to ship over here! So I just wanted to show you guys a few pics of her I took quickly today but I'll do an official greeting when i can in the future! 

This is my favourite photo of the ones that I selected to show on this post! I haven't really taken a photo like this before and I quite like it :) Hope you enjoyed and see you soon :D


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Meet the new Lammily Doll!

Hello! Today I have an exciting new member to our doll community to introduce to you guys! She is a LAMMILY DOLL! I haven't quite decided on a name for her yet but it's either going to be: Heidi or Natalie. Which one do you think she suits best? Anywho lets get on with the info!
Lammily was created by the Lamm family. She is a doll that has been created by the proportions of the average 19 year old American girl. She stands around 11-12" tall. This doll is the deluxe first edition, and outfits and accessories will be available for purchase from in early 2015. She comes in an awesome blue ti-dyed t-shirt, denim shorts and white sneakers. She has articulation in her ankles and wrists, bend and snap knees and elbows, and her head can pivot. 
Lammily dolls have minimal make-up.

Waist length, lightly layered, straight brown hair.
With beautiful, realistic highlights on top
She is quite pose-able, though since she is new she's a little stiff :) Though hopefully that will loosen with time.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review. I will probably do a comparison between 'Barbie' and 'Lammily' dolls to show the incredible difference between the both. 


Monday, 5 January 2015

A trip to the botanical gardens!

Hello peeps! It's Isabelle 
and Cécile here!

And at the beginning of January we went on a road trip down to a city called Dunedin! It's near the bottom of New Zealand, anyway while we were there we took a visit to the BOTANICAL GARDENS! Our favourite garden was probably the Mediterranean Garden, there were so many exotic and beautiful plants!
Mine were these simple, but stunning purple flowers! :-) I don't know what their names are so we'll call them pretty purple flowers :P -Isabelle
Cécile- Well I got pretty into my favourite flowers! They have like a scientific name but i can't read it! The words are way to big! Josefina would know how to pronounce it! They are just such a lovely shade of pink! :D
Here are some of the other plants we saw in the Mediterranean Garden :)

Which flower was your favourite? Also have you ever been to a Botanical Garden before?
We have such a lovely time there and we hope to go again!
-Cécile & Isabelle