Friday, 26 September 2014

Hello all! I absolutely love Cécile! She is super pretty and I took a few pics of her to show her off! Here you go :)

Hope you liked them! The sun was being a bit annoying (I was taking the photos in like mid-day sun). Well I hope you have a good weekend! (Well it's the weekend for me anyway :P Also today is the first day of my term 3 holidays! I only have one more term of school before the massive summer holidays!! YAY so excited :)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A fun photo shoot at the beach!

Hi! Here in New Zealand, winter has ended and summer is approaching! Today I took McKenna & Isabelle down to the dog beach! There were a lot of dogs, and I mean ALOT! So after running away from curious pups I managed shoot a few pics :) ENJOY!

"Look at this Fabulous watering can Isabelle!"
Just chilling...
Gotta love these flip-flops!!
A side view of McKenna's messy mermaid braid :)
Loving the beads on the sunny isle outfit :P
Woo-hoo! Look at me I'm balancing on a log!!
Friends forever!

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Which were your fav?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Opening & Review of Disney Princess Dolls: Ariel & Rapunzel

Hello all it's Lydia here and today this post is a little bit different than the norm :D Today I'll be opening and reviewing to disney princesses,Rapunzel & Ariel dolls that I purchased yesterday. So here we go! 

Here is Rapunzel & Ariel in there packets.

They are from the collection: Disney: Little Kingdom. They are have MagiClip dresses.
This is them out of their packets. They are super pretty and are about the size of a polly pocket :P

Let's start with Rapunzel from Tangled. She is really pretty with green eyes and nice pink lips, also her bodice is really detailed and very adorable!

Her hair is SUPER long and curls around :) Also she has a tiara that can't be removed.

Her dress is very cool the bottom is really sparkly and swirly!

Next is Ariel from The Little Mremaid, she has beautiful blue eyes with a darker pink coloured lips that Rapunzel. Her crown is taller than Rapunzel's.

Her hair goes to about the small of her back and is a fabulous red colour.

Her dress is very pretty with a simple bodice and a cool sparkly bottom :)

Next are their dresses. I wanted to investigate what this MagiClip is all about :D
Under her dress Ariel has a turquoise coloured leotard and purple heels.

Her dress is two pieces that CLIP together and the back section has little plastic supporters that help her stand up (I find it does anyway).

Rapunzel has a lavender coloured leotard and purple pumps (the same colour as Ariel's)

Her dress is also two pieces with the same plastic supporter as Ariel.

Their limbs are movable and they can sit down but cannot stand up without their dresses on :( Also I found that Rapunzel's hair was so long that she can't sit up straight! Haha

I love these two, they are so awesome and also I LOVE Disney so that makes it even better :D

I hope you enjoyed this review! Sorry it was a bit long! Also I'm branching out a bit more and discovering lots of cool new dolls :D You never know your dolls may have some new friends! 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy Birthday McKenna!!

Hiya all it's Lydia here and today I have a very special announcement. Today is McKenna's birthday. To decide her birthday I went onto a random date generator and it picked the 7th of September!
I've had McKenna for just over two years now and even though her hair is getting a bit yucky (I didn't know how to care for doll hair when i first got her! XD ) And her limbs are a bit loose she is still AWESOME! McKenna is the youngest of the family and is always exploring with Log She is loved very much! :D So a big: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MCKENNA!!
Lots of Love
Lydia & Josefina,Isabelle, Cecile

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Josefina's new doll!

"Hey Log what are you sitting on?" he looked at me excitedly.

"Hop off you!" He jumped of and I saw that it was a parcel.. For me!!

I quickly started to unwrap the gift. "Oh my goodness!"

"IT'S A DOLL!!" I squealed.

She's so beautiful She looks exactly like me! This is a perfect gift :)

She also comes with a book, I'll be reading that!!

She fits in perfectly with our other dolls!

I'm so glad that I have her! 
Do you have a special doll?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Exploration with Log! (Part 2)

Hi! It's McKenna  & Log again and here is the second part of our ADVENTURE!! So after the rusty pipe incident we kept on walking and discovered a bridge with a small path leading off to the side! We couldn't resist taking a look, though I hope we don't get trapped again. I'm not squeezing through another pipe.

We walked along a overgrown track that was surrounded by beautiful bushes.

The path ended with a little ledge."Come on Log! It's not that fair down, here I'll lift you."

"Look what we found! I nice flowing creek! Let's go for a paddle. Come on Log!"

(Sorry about the quality of the picture) I jumped straight into the water- and nearly fell over- whilst Log just sat on a rock. He didn't want to get his little paws wet.
Scared-y Cat! I though to myself.

Well we really enjoyed our trip today! Mmm paddling in a creek is the perfect way to finish a long day.
- McKenna & Log

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Exploration with Log! (Part 1)

Sup guys it's McKenna here.Today Log and I are at a reservoir and we discovered a cool pile of rusty old pipes! We figured we'd do a bit of exploring and see if we discover anything interesting.

"Hey Log come check this out! Let's see if you can fit in here and find anything."

He hoped up into the pipe and then slowly made his way through the dark tunnel.

I walked along the outside the pipe and met him on the other side. 
"Did you find anything?" He shook his head.
"Oh, ok let's keep looking."

"JACKPOT!! Look what we found a big concrete cube, box thingy! Let's check it out."

Log decided to sniff it out ahead of me when I heard a short yap. "Log!" I yelled. Oh no Log has fallen into the cube. 

"Hang on I'm coming for you!" I made my slow climb down the wall, grazing my knee in the process.

Whew I made it. "Are you alright Log?" He was a bit shaken but ok. "Well how are we going to get out of here? I don't think I can climb back up."

Log nudged my leg and made me turn around, he had found the only way out! Another pipe running through the wall. "You're not serious are you?! Can't we just call for help?" He gave me the: 'I'm not kidding' look. 
"Aghh fine. But I'm not going to like it!"

WE MADE IT!!! Mate it was a bit of a tight squeeze but I guess we had an adventure and did some exploring!
Just wait until you see the second part of our adventure.
-McKenna (& Log) :D