Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hip Hip Hooray it's Josefina's Birthday!!

Well today is a super special day. It's Josefina's birthday!! 

Ahhh, where do I start? Well I should start with HAPPPY BIRTHDAY! Josefina has been with me since July 2011. She was bought in the USA and then a family friend brought her over to New Zealand in her suitcase. She was placed in my parents closet for ligit a whole month before my birthday! The excitement of opening was phenomenal! Knowing that she had travelled all the way from AMERICA!! So cool :) 
Josefina is definitely my go to gal :) Whenever I'm sad or just feeling down, I literally just hug her... I know that sounds weird but it works :D You are an absolutely fabulous doll Jo, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 

Monday, 16 March 2015


Hey everyone!! i just wanted to wish everyone a happy St. Patricks Day!! I haven't had time to take any photos but will do soon >.< Do u celebrate St Patricks Day? If so how? :D

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Photos with my friends dolls...

Howdy folks?! How are we all this fine day? Well in the weekend I went over to my friend's house and she happened to have 2 monster high dolls in a box in her closet. I asked her if I could take them outside and snap a few shots of them. She also likes photography (though not toy & doll photography) She likes to take photos of everything :) So whilst she was off and about taking photos I snapped a few of these lovely ladies :D
So on the left we have Frankie and on the right we have Ghoulia :) These were (i think) the dolls from the first line released from Monster High. And they are in pretty good condition, only missing a few accessories: for example Ghoulia's glasses :)

Oh look some flowers.. Pretty cool :) This is a Pōhutukawa, a native tree here in New Zealand. It decided to come party in on our photoshoot =)

Love the bokeh in the background :) 
Ah Ghoulia's boots are so amazing! Also her satchel or whatever you wanna call it, is pretty awesome too!

So I hope you enjoyed this photoshoot! I sure did :) I think it's so awesome how my friend has actually kept these dolls :D Comment your favourite photo :) And have a great day! (or night!)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

A little bit of sparkle in the evening :)

As some of you know my younger sister has a doll named Karen (She's been on this blog a few times!) Well my little sis decided to dress Karen up in one of my outfits. Being a sassy 5 year old, she naturally orientated towards the sparkles. So when I came back 5 minutes later I find a sparkle-tastic Karen sitting on the floor of my room.
How does this link to the EVENING? (If confused read the title of this post)
Well, on Thursday evening I was sitting on my bed and I looked to where Karen was sitting and the beautiful orange sunlight had set her sparkled into a frenzy! She looked like she as on fire!! So I quickly unpacked my camera and shot a few pictures. I literally had 2 minutes before the sun lost it's radiant glow. Enjoy this little bit of sparkle in the evening :D P.S Hooray for indoor photography!! ^-^

I absolutely love the sparkle holiday outfit and it totally goes with Isabelle's tiara :) A match made in sparkle heaven :D Hope you liked this short post =)