Thursday, 27 August 2015

Casaleah~ A photoshoot

Hello lovelies! Ok I'll keep it short. Here are some pictures of Cas in the t-shirt I made her that i talked about in my last post :) Hope you like :P

Ok so I'm having the wonky eye problem with Casaleah as well! Arghhh!! I find it happens with my blue eyed dolls :( It's not super noticeable but sometimes in certain pictures it really stands out and takes away the effect from the picture.  Well I had my whinge and I hope you all have a lovely rest pf your day =) Also YAY MARYELLEN IS FINALLY HERE! I love her collection so much and hope to get some of her outfits, and maybe even her.... 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My attempts at sewing =)

Hi guys! Ok so this past week I have been attempting to sew doll clothes!! What?!?! I know, I've had a bit of spare time on my hands and I really wanted to jazz up my dolls wardrobe because outfits from  AG are cool but you can tell they are from the store/online. And in some ways they are geared towards the younger audience. Not saying that I don't like their outfits, I love them! But I wanted something a bit different. So I went online and downloaded the trendy t-shirt pattern from Liberty Jane. And here are the 3 results that I got :)
Trying to get multiple dolls looking at the camera is a mission. Lol I didn't quite succeed >.<
 First up! I just want to say thank you to the awesome Maddie from DollsOnMyMind for the tutorial on how to make a skater dress! I've been wanting some for my dolls ever since I saw Maddie's dolls in them! Thanks so much Maddie =)

I made this from a top I bought from a thrift store :) It's not perfect but I'm defiantly gonna make more of these and perfect them! Ah I love this dress so much O_o

Next is this crop top. This was what happened when I totally failed at my first attempt of a skater dress. But I managed to salvage the top half and turn it into a crop top :-) I love the groovy flower pattern.

And finally this is what the actual trendy t-shirt is meant to look like :) I really like it. People think that AG dolls don't have a figure as such but I think this top really accents the slight curve in their waist :) Also does anyone remember when the camouflage pattern was in trend? When I was 7 I had these pink camouflage pants and this marble patter on Casaleah's top reminds me of it ;-) I laugh every time I see it.

So that was also another attempt of indoor photography. I'm trying to get better at it but I think I prefer outdoor photography with my dolls. It's more easier to get fun pics :) Oh well practice makes perfect! Have a good one =)
Which was your favourite? 

Monday, 17 August 2015

A Porcelain Adventure (Part 1)

Ok I'm just gonna say it. Porcelain dolls scare me. They disturb me a bit actually. When I tell people that I collect dolls, they immediately think that I collect porcelain dolls and they kind of like back up a bit. There's nothing wrong with these types of dolls but they have had a history of creeping people out. I don't know why I don't really like them, I think that I've just seen movies and heard stories about them and they're scary. So you're probably wondering how on earth did I manage to get one of these in my possession and not be like crying? Well let me tell you!
So my mum and I went to a local recycling centre (like a op/thrift shop. But massive!) And after  looking around I headed over to the toy section to go see if there were any toys that I could fix up. As I was walking down the aisle a box caught my eye, it was full of dolls, porcelain dolls. I faced my fears walked over to it and on the top of the pile was just a big mess of hair. And I was like "Woah ok that's a lot of hair" And i reached down and found the doll who owned this mass of hair and she was so beautiful! She looked nothing like those scary ones I had imagined. Her eyes were incredible and I couldn't pass her up! I also love me some long hair so that was a bonus :) Then I saw a head that had perfect curls on it, and she too had such a cute little face and so I asked my mum if I could buy them and she said yes! She said it would be a good challenge for me to try fix up.

So in this picture this was both of them before I dealt with them. Today I'll be showing you the fixing up of the doll on the left and the one on the right another day :) 
They have cute outfits right?!
Ok so once I actually tried to brush her hair, that's when I realised that we are gonna have a problem.  Her hair went way past her feet, about 20cm. That's a lot of hair. I was thinking that she was a custom because I've seen a lot of custom dolls who have wigs with totally out of proportion hair. So it actually took me, no jokes, a solid hour and a half of brushing and wetting to get it barely containable. She malted quite a bit (gross I know) and the ball of hair afterwards was larger than my fist. I was finally able to get it into a braid.

As you can see her wig is really think around her head and I wasn't liking way it was sitting around her skull, so finding a hairstyle that would work was quite difficult.  Also I have no idea whats going on in the boobage department. I removed her dress and burst out laughing when I saw these large foam blobs on her chest. My parents did too! (Immature i know, bear with us guys!!) The other doll is just nicely curved but I guess they decided they wanted legit boobs for this doll? I don't know so we try to keep the clothes on from now on >.<

And I found the answer to our hair situation. She's a Rapunzel doll. Excessive hair is just a fabulous trait of hers. 

 So after I sorted the hair out It was time to sort put her skin. I was actually really nervous about cleaning her skin because all the things I'd read on the internet said that porcelain dolls are extremely delicate, rardy ra! And that you need strange chemicals to clean there skin and stuff etc.. And so I just ended up getting a warm cloth and rubbing it on her skin. She had black marks on her face and limbs which were very unattractive. But amazingly they came right of after a bit of scrubbing!! She was way easier to clean then some of my vinyl dolls! 

Then after I got the stains out of her dress, she had these like tea stains on her dress, she was ready for her hair to be cut and styled. I decided that I wanted to keep her hair looking really long because I think that's what makes her unique. But I cannot handle it to, to long. So I ended up shopping of about 30cm. That's a lot. My room needed a good vacuum afterwards. 
This is the finished product =)

Her hair looks so cool! How the light is shining through! Mwah beautiful! 

So she's gonna be my little celtic porcelain. I just get the Celtic vibe from her (I think its the green dress) .Her hair has got a little celtic accent in it :) Also I've named her Genevieve.
Sorry about the long post but i hope you enjoyed it, do you have any porcelain dolls??

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Planting flowers ~ A photostory

Did you guys ever make photo stories with your dolls? I know that I used to heaps. It was so much fun because I could really have a good time thinking up story lines and having my dolls portray them!  I sadly haven't in a long time so I decided to change that! So whilst I was planting the first plants into my new flower garden I'm creating, Natalie and Josefina decided to help out :) 

Howdy folks! Natalie here! I'm planting some flowers in my garden. Sadly Adelaide didn't want to help. She said there were too many bugs in the ground for her liking.. Bianca and Claire were out and I couldn't find anyone else to help me..

"I'll help you! I love planting flowers!" Josefina walked over to me. "Studying plants is one of my favourite things to do! And planting them in my free time is just the perfect way to relax!" She gave me a big smile.
"Oh that you so much Josefina! I needed an extra hand!"

"Ok why don't you dig and I'll place the flowers in the holes." I handed her a shovel.
"Right ho!" Josefina laughed and began to dig.

"Perfect!" I said as a patted down the soil. "Now we gotta plant the rest!"

A few plants later.....

"Ah this deserves a great tea break! Thanks for helping me Josefina!" 
She grinned. "No worries Natalie! Any time!!"

Do you like planting flowers? I can't wait until our flower garden is full of beautiful flowers.

That was fun, bringing my dolls out and not worrying that the pictures weren't super great but just having a good time :) Hopefully when I've planted more flowers and they've grown a bit I can take photos with them!! YES! I love flowers and photos :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Pups & Princesses

Howdy everyone! So I decided to merge 2 quite different, separate photoshoots (small ones don't panic!!) Into one :)
So the first set of photos are some of my newest mini lalaloospy member :-) 


What I love about taking photos of mini lalaloopsy or any small toy/doll is that I can just slip them in my pocket and don't have to carry round a bag or anything! So easy, these were taken on a walk with my fam :)

Next I was experimenting with a setting on my camera and trying to capture some of my dogs in action! 
Firstly this is Sue she is a 'Hungarian Vizsla'.  She is very sweet and posed for the camera quite nicely:) 

On the other hand this is Kevin. He's a Pomeranian cross Chihuahua. He can be so annoying barking at anything that moves but then he can be a right sweetheart snuggling on your lap :D

This picture just describes their friendship so much. They will always be running together, Kevin watching Sue and her every move so that he can follow her. And Sue will just run cos she can! 

The sun on Sue's coat makes her such a lovely colour! 

Ears up!

Ears down.
(Sos that the last 2 pics were blurry I had to zoom on so that I could cut out the background >.<)

This is a bit of a random post but i wanted to share these pics with you guys! 
Have a great day and remember to smile ;-)  
-Lydia, Sue & Kevin