Sunday, 9 August 2015

Disney on Ice and my first sight of snow!!

Hello lovelies! Ok so on last Friday my family travelled down to Christchurch to go see Disney On Ice!! Oh it was such an amazing experience! But we'll talk about that later in the post, I also have some more exciting news! When were driving down it was so cold, we were in blankets and coats chattering our teeth all the way. As we were driving through the Lewis Pass it started to rain and then the rain turned into sleet. And then it was full blown snowing!!! I've never seen snow like this before only at a ski field (once when i was 5/6). You could say that I have seen snow before but it's different seeing it falling from the sky and onto the grass outside your car than just sitting on a mountain! I was so shocked I stuck my head out the window and nearly froze my nose off but it was so worth it! Catching snowflakes and seeing tree branches just coated in snow was magnificent! It doesn't snow where i live so it was such an awesome sight to see the snow :-) I managed to take a few pics before my phone ran out of battery :D 

Once we arrived in Christchurch we went to a mall where my sister got me my birthday present!! (I'll have a post up soon about her *hint hint*) The next day we went to the show!! 

Here's a pic of the rink before the show :)
I had this toddler who was sitting behind me and was fiddling with my hair, lol it was funny but she stopped as soon has the show started! I didn't take photos throughout the show because I really wanted to give my whole attention to the show and soak up every second of it! But I did get a programme for my programme collection. I get programmes for every show/musical I go to. Sometimes friends who go to Broadway or West End bring me back programmes >.<

First I got this Disney On Ice bag which i thought was cute ;-)
Please excuse the quality of the next few photos I took them on my phone :/
Ok so this is the front of the programme. it's quite big A3. (If you guys measure paper that way..) Can you see the skates on Rapunzel! >.<

 Minnie.Mickey,Goofy and Donald introduced each story and did a little act which was cool! I loved Minnie's outfit!!  
The first, well it wasn't a story it was just a song for Tiana. It was a New Orleans song a medley of the songs from the movie including 'Dig a little Deeper!" and you saw Tiana in her pretty blue dress and Prince Naveen ;) Tiana wasn't in the dress in the pic above.  
For Snow White they actually showed her whole story which was cool, the 7 dwarfs were funny :0 Also the beautiful duet at the end with the prince was so beautiful! 
Cinderella was really cool they did some great costume changes like when her step sisters rip her pink dress to rags etc.. And she had SPARKLY SKATES!!! WHAT?!??!?! 
The dance at the ball for those two was probably my favourite duet from the whole show. Because it was a great song and the atmosphere was so pretty. Hard explain but yeah.. 
And the last story was Rapunzel (Tangled). So it was so cool they did some incredible ariel acrobatics!! Like 12 feet off the floor! In the programme it said the actors had to train for 6 weeks to build the upper body strength to achieve the moves! I wish I got it on camera! They had no harnesses and were just holding onto the material! It was so pretty and they did a cool wig swap for when Flynn cuts her hair!

And the grand finale was so lovely because you got to see all the Disney princesses and their princes come out and celebrate Rapunzel's coronation ;)

And with the programme I got a nice flower! I haven't opened it yet because I want to get a nice vase to put it in. (It's a plastic one >.<)

So overall I had a absolute fantastic time! It was so inspiring to see all the princesses! It made me want to ice-skate! Sadly we don't have a rink in town but I may take up rollar skating once I get well again which is exciting :) I love the magic of Disney so much! Like who couldn't?! Just being able to be transported out of your seat and into this beautiful world of magic and dreams coming true! It was just.. Ahh I can't out it into words :D 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience! Please I'm not bragging about going to see Disney on Ice. It was every member of my families birthday present so we didn't get very much from our parents :-) I have a few posts lined up for you guys :) Including a few more dolls joining the DollyFernFriends community :D
-Lydia ;-*


  1. Snow! We never even got any snow last winter.
    Disney on ice looks very cool, especially the aero acrobatics.

    1. Oh I hope you get some this winter! If you like it >.< Also it was so cool! :D

  2. How exciting that you got to see snow en route to this special event! I hope you will get a chance to read Maryellen's book and learn about her big wish to see snow! Jen @ DollsBetweenUs

    1. It was very exciting! I hope i do get to read her books as well!