Friday, 24 July 2015

How to curl your dolls hair tutorial :-)

Hi everyone! So in my last post  you guys were interested in learning how to create the curls that Claire has :D So I attempted to make a video/tutorial for you guys! It was weird doing it infront of a camera because I had to be like conscious where my hands were etc.. But I hope I did an OK for my 1st (well technically 2nd, I explain in the vid) time filming! I would love to see if you guys create this cool look :-) Just leave a link to the post if you do one and I'll check it out! 

How to curl your doll's hair :-)

Here's the tutorial!

(It's not very professional, sorry bout that!)

So i found this doll stuffed in a box in my younger sister's room a few days ago and I really wanted to jazz her up!! I think she looks so cool now, see the end of the video for some pics!! Also I now need a name for her!! I want her to be classy and kind of like a diva!

Also so tomorrow it's my birthday!!!! Woo hoo I'm turning 15 :) Wow I do not feel 15 years old! For everyones birthday (in my family) we are going down to see DISNEY ON ICE!!! I'm so excited!! It's insane, I'll try take some pictures while I'm there :)

I gotta go now but I hope you guys have a fabulous day and enjoy the tutorial!!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The new and improved Summer :-)

Hi guys! So a few days ago I gave one of my barbie dolls a bit of a makeover :D 

So Summer is a barbie doll that I bought from my local Kmart a few weeks ago. She doesn't have that much articulation, only in her hips and shoulders. So after I bought her she kind of just sat on my shelf collecting dust because I found she wasn't that unique and just bland. So this weekend a decided  to give Summer a makeover! 

Naturally Summer has slightly wavy hair. I really wanted to attempt a new curling technique to create a fluffy curly bob look :-) 

It worked and I LOVE IT!!! I like it how I didn't have worry about making the curls looks perfect or nice but I let them become unruly and fly everywhere!!

Excuse the weird headband, I'm in the process of sorting it out >.<

I really like Summer's new hair and look, I think I'm gonna change her name. From now on she'll be Claire :) Just incase I get another Summer and decide not to customise her :)

Here's a look at her whole outfit, my sewing skills aren't the best but I wanted to create another dress for my barbie dolls because they are in desperate need for more clothes!! It's crazy! And I think Claire looks fab in this yellow :0

So I hope you enjoyed my little customising journey :) A question, would u guys like me to show you how I curled her hair and teach you guys some different curling techniques? Because I have experimented with a few and have gotten some cool results! Only if you guys would like it =)
Have a great day lovelies 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Isabelle.. Yeah Isabelle.. Don't know what to call this post :)

Howdy lovelies!! Hope you are all doing well! I'm currently sitting only bed with a cough and cold thing going on. Winter, lovely season you have to deal with lots of flus :( Anywho, Isabelle decided to venture out into the garden with me this morning while the sun was rising and peaking through the fence! It was cold but the frost looked cool so...The photoshoot must go on! 
There are quite a few pics by the way :D

I'm loving this picture!! Don't know why, but I am!

Alrighty! Hope you all have a fab rest of your day :-)

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Experimenting with lighting! :)

Hi guys! So last night when the sun was going down I decided to take some photos. But I actually waited until after the 'golden hour', you know that the time when the sun is super pretty and makes every really golden and nice, anyway I waited and experimented with taking photos right after. It was kind of dark but then you could still see some details! My little sister was with me in my front yard and we were literally shivering hard core because it was so cold! Like probably 1-2 degrees Celsius! A lot of the pictures came out blurry because I was shivering but I managed to get like 3 half decent ones of McKenna :-)

These aren't fantastic but I think I will play around with this lightening a lot more! It's quite fun to do! 
Have a good day :)

Saturday, 4 July 2015

4th of July in New Zealand :-)

Happy 4th of July everyone! I know that if you live in the USA you will probably be celebrating this awesome holiday, and even if you aren't in the US you may be having a nice picnic or whatever you do on the 4th of July! We sadly don't celebrate it in New Zealand :( But I personally did, I wore a flag (the one that actually in these photos) in my ponytail because I'm weird like that! >.<  These pics didn't turn out as I had planned they would but I kinda of like them, the lightning was really fun to play with. Hope you like :D 

And we have Captain American in his patriotic glory :-) I actually got him from a Kinder Egg Surprise! Sorry I just had to bring him along! He's the most colour co-ordinated toy I have for this occasion! 
And here is a picture of the flag. I can't tell it this picture is like good or not? It's really weird but..Meh! Also this flag is actually from the USA!! My friend went over there and she brought it back for me!! She knows that I love America!!

Whelp that's it! I hope you all have an awesome day and an fabulous holiday! It's the first day of my winter 2 week school holidays!! Hallelujah!!!!! >.<

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hey, hey I took some photos!! ^.^

Hi guys! (weird title I know, it's late!) Yes I actually took some photos today! I was off school because I was sick. So my mum and I walked my dogs and I snapped a few shots! It was really harsh, bright sunlight so I was huddling under trees and bushes to try get some shade!! Also, what do you think of Cécile in this dress? Because when I dressed her in it I wasn't convinced. I don't know if I don't like the silver on her? But then while I was taking pics of her I kinda warmed up to it on her. What do you guys think? Do you prefer it on darker skinned dolls or lighter skinned dolls? ;)

Haha ok so this pic below was me trying to take a picture of leaves falling around Cécile. This involved my mum standing off camera and chucking piles of leaves in the air. It was quite funny but it kinda failed! Oh well I'll one day take a cool; leaf falling picture! >.<

And to top it off here are three pics of some lovely Iceland lilies! Enjoy your day or night!! =)

Goodnight Lovelies :-)