Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My scarp-book for Isabelle & end of 2014

Hello it's Cécile here and as you know one of my sisters (Isabelle) is the Girl Of The Year for 2014! And today is the 31 of December! So it's Isabelle's last day in the spotlight. Unless you watch the movie over and over again :P To celebrate her year with us and being the GOTY I made a scrapbook of pictures from throughout the year so she can remember all the fun times she had :)

This was one of the first photos ever taken of Isabelle. It was at a local park. It's quite funny because she has a bug on her face! (And she doesn't like bugs.) 
This photo was taken later in the year next to one of the last daffodils of Spring! It was also the first picture taken after a break from photography! 
McKenna & Isabelle at the beach even though it was winter!! In New Zealand you can still go to the beach in Winter!  
SELFIE TIME!! This is just such an amazing pic, oh and look Isabelle's photo bombing (Well trying to anyway) this picture can remind her to be quicker when trying to photo bomb! :P

This is such a funny picture but it also reminds me go when Isabelle volunteered to help me put the star on our christmas tree. She is so kind! Even when things may go wrong!

This photo was also one of the first pictures taken with Isabelle she looks so pretty! Luckily this time there is no bug on her face!

Oh Isabelle, trying to become one with nature..

This photo was taken at Easter. She is so kind to that toy elephant!

Hehe he even hides behind her when he's scared of Froggy :)

I hope Isabelle enjoys this scrapbook! Also are you excited for 2015? I sure am. I'm also curious to meet the new GOTY! I hope she gets to come live with us! I asked Isabelle if she as sad about not being the Girl of the Year next year and she said that she didn't mind! It's another girl's time to shine! 
Isabelle is so nice :)

Thursday, 25 December 2014


Holiday Greetings everyone!! It's Josefina here! I hope you all had a fabulous christmas day spending time with family and friends,unwrapping gifts,and eating a large Christmas dinner. We had a lovely christmas day and we wanted to show you what presents we got! :) So first off my christmas present was from McKenna!
"Oh WOW! It's a beautiful wooden 'J'! Perfect to go above my bed! Thank you McKenna!!"

Hey guys Cecile here. Josefina got my present this year, lets see what she got me!

"YAY! Doll food for my tea parties!! Thanks Josefina."

Hello I'm Isabelle and this year Cecile got me a christmas gift! So exciting!

COOL! New funky hair clips! You're so thoughtful Cecile thank you! :)

Hi all it's McKenna and this year I'm hoping for a snow globe for my collection and Isabelle got me a present! Let's hope she got what I really, really wanted!!!

WOO-HOOOO!!!!! It's a beautiful christmas edition snow globe!!! Thank you Isabelle!

Now if you read our last post you will know that our awesome cousin Karen is staying with us for Christmas so we all clubbed together and got her a gift. Here you go Karen, we took a while to pick it for you. We hope you like it! 

"Oh my! SHOPKINS!! My favourite! That you guys couldn't has chosen a better gift." Karen beamed

We all had a fantastic christmas in New Zealand and we hope you had a great day wherever you live!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Karen is coming to town!

Hi all it's Josefina here! Oh look we got a letter!  It's from our cousin Karen!

WHAT?!? Today is the 20th!!! I haven't made her a bed or cleared the guest room! Where is she going to sleep?!

"Hi Josefina!" Isabelle walked in. "How are you? I've just been at the beach getting a tan, oh and by the way Cécile and McKenna are just doing some last minute christmas shopping so they won't be back for a while." Isabelle smiled, "you know how Cécile gets with her christmas shopping, she has to find the absolute perfect gift!"
"Isabelle we have to get the house ready! Karen is staying for christmas and she's arriving today!" I wailed. 
"Oh no she's here!" I cried.
"I'll get the door." Isabelle ran to the door, "and Josefina don't panic she won't mind! Besides we have the rest of the day to get the guest room ready."
"You can say that." I mumbled.
"Karen!" Isabelle smiled with joy. "It's so good to see you!"
Karen laughed. "It's fantastic to see you too Isabelle!"
They embraced.
Karen frowned. "Um isabelle I hate to ask but why are you wearing a towel/dress?"
Isabelle giggled. "Well over here it's summer and I was at the beach getting a tan, you should come with me sometime!"
"That would be delightful! I can't wait!"  Karen replied
Karen walked over to me. "Now Josefina why the said face? I though you would be happy to see me."
"Oh Karen I'm really happy to see you but the thing is, I only got your letter today and I haven't had time to prepare a room or anything for you.." I sighed.
Karen let out a hearty laugh, "Josefina I don't mind that you haven't made me a bed or prepared a room! I'm too happy to see you all that I wouldn't be able to sleep!"
I smiled "Oh Karen I'm so glad you understand, also I'm thrilled that you're staying with us for christmas and New Years!"
Isabelle nudged my arm and laughed, "I told you so!"

Monday, 15 December 2014

Decorating the Christmas tree!

"Hi Cecile! What are you doing?" Isabelle walked over to find Cecile standing by a tree half covered in tinsel and baubles.
"I'm decorating the christmas tree!! But I need some more baubles and tinsel." Cecile smiled.
"Can I help you finish it?" Isabelle asked.
"Sure you can! Now lets find some more decorations."

"No need to fear, I have HEAPS of baubles!" McKenna ran over to them.
Cecile laughed: "We weren't afraid but thanks for the baubles. You want to help decorate?"
"Yes please!!"McKenna squealed.
"Can I join in? I found a large amount of tinsel in a box in the attic." Josefina called and she stumbled over to them."It's all over me!!"
Isabelle giggled, "Sure you can! Now lets start decorating!"

"Here's some baubles Isabelle!" McKenna passed a handful of baubles over.
"Thanks McKenna!! This is so much fun." Isabelle said.
"Ok Josefina let me unwrap you there.. Ok we'll wrap the tinsel around the tree while McKenna and Isabelle place the baubles." Cecile said and started circling the tree.

After a frantic half hour of decorating the tree was finally complete.
"It looks wonderful," Cecile gazed in awe, "but isn't there something missing? Oh yes we don't have a star to go on top!" Cecile's face dropped. "We can't have a christmas tree without a star!"
"Maybe this can help!" Josefina produced a hand-made star from behind her back. "I made it at my after school craft group. We can put it on the tree if you'd like." 
Cecile cried out in delight: "Oh thank you Josefina! You are so creative!! This will look perfect on top of our christmas tree!" 

Cecile stood next to the tree and reached as high as she could. But she was to short.
"Oh no I can't reach the top of the tree, I can't put the star on now." Cecile said.
Isabelle rushed over. "I know! Cecile sit on my shoulders and you'll be sure to reach the top!" 

"Umm..OK, but please be careful." Cecile cautiously climbed onto Isabelle's shoulders. "Ok just walk a little bit closer..I'm nearly there.."
"Cecile I'm losing my balance we're gonna fall!!"

"Are you guys ok?"Josefina and Mckenna scurried over.
"Yeah we're ok, but what about the star? Did it make it?" Cecile and Isabelle asked.

"WOOHOO! It made it! Now our christmas tree is complete! That was one hectic tree decorating!" Cecile cheered
Thanks guys for helping me finish the tree! It's been very fun and exciting! Also it's nearly christmas :D
Happy holidays :)
-The AGfernfriends gang 

Friday, 28 November 2014

The exciting/scary news!! (Mentioned in the previous post)

Hello all! I hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving (if you celebrate it!!) This year was going to be my first year celebrating it but sadly we couldn't because… I was recovering from an OPERATION!! I know it sounds scary but I only had my tonsils removed! Whew! Any who my dolls wanted to, well I guess, play doctors so Isabelle,McKenna, and Cecile decided to make gifts for Josefina and go visit her in hospital! So I hope next year I can celebrate Thanksgiving! :P
Sorry bout the quality of the photo, the lightening in my room is a bit bad and my camera was playing up :(
Lots of love: Lydia
P.S. Christmas is right around the corner!! We are all so excited! :D

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

That moment when you can't upload any photos :(

Hello all! How is November going? Mine is going pretty well I have some exciting/scary news for you guys but that will be in the next post! But for now. My family computer is being a right pain in the bum because I had a HUGE Photo shoot the other day with like all my different dolls and then I went to upload them and my computer crashed :( I tried again today and it did the same. So when I get this computer fixed I'll have lots of fun pics for you guys to enjoy but for now: Keep smiling and enjoy this one pic that uploaded before the crash :P
Peggy Seven Seas & Rosie Bumps 'n' Bruises! 2 of my mini lalaloopsy dolls :D
Have a fabulous day! 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Happy Halloween!

"Hi guys are you ready for trick-or-treating?""Hey Josefina! I sure am,” McKenna said “what about you Isabelle?”“Yeah I’m so excited!” She jumped up and down.“Well then what’s everyone wearing? I’m a witch.” Josefina turned to Isabelle. “What are you Isabelle? A princess?”

“Kind of, I’m actually a goddess this year and-” McKenna cut her off.
“And I’m a baby!!!” She cried.
“That’s an interesting costume McKenna” Josefina said.
 “And did you dress Log up as a ghost?”
McKenna giggled. “Maybe.....”
 “Haha! We all look the part, now it’s time to go trick-or-treating!” “We’re right behind you Josefina!” McKenna and Isabelle said in chorus.
Suddenly a long moan erupted from somewhere in the house.  
“Ahhhhh!! What was that?!?” McKenna sprang with the agility of a cat straight into Isabelle's ams, causing them to tumble to the ground.
“Ugh McKenna you’re wrecking my costume! Get off of me.” Isabelle started pushing McKenna off her lap.
“I’m sorry that was so scary! What even was that? Do you know Josefina?” McKenna whispered quaking with fear. 
“Um I’m not sure McKenna, it’s nothing, probably the old floor boards or something.” Josefina shrugged. “Let’s go.”
Suddenly they heard stomping coming from down the hall. 
“A monster!! Ahhhh!!!” McKenna screamed.
Then the monster came out from the shadows. 
“Even worse.. a MUMMY!!” Isabelle cried. “Josefina please do something!!”
Josefina looked around, and then faced the mummy. “STOP!” She yelled at the top of her lungs.
The mummy stopped in it’s tracks. The three of them against the mummy. Everyone stared at each other.
Wait! Josefine thought. Where’s Cecile?
“Guys...” Josefina turned to her friends. “Have you guys seen Cecile?” 
“Oh-no! The mummy has eaten Cecile!” McKenna wailed. “She’s gone forever!” 
“That can’t be possible McKenna. Think properly.” Isabelle said. “ Mummies are human, just old...evil..dead humans. Wait maybe it has eaten her!” They both started crying.
“No, what did she say she was being for Halloween?” Josefina asked. “Can you guys remember?”
Suddenly Log ran over to the mummy and started sniffing it’s leg.
“Log stop it will eat you!” McKenna shouted and chased after him.
Then the mummy reached up to it’s face.. McKenna halted, everyone froze. The mummy grabbed some of the bandages from it’s face and RIPPED them right off. 
“Hold on you look exactly like Cecile! Is that was happens once you’ve eaten someone?” McKenna questioned the mummy
“No!” It cried.
“You sound exactly like her too!”Isabelle called from behind Josefina.
“That’s because I am Cecile!”
“What? Now you’ve turned into her?” Josefina started to look sick.
“No I dressed up as a mummy for Halloween this year! The moaning you heard was me trying to tell you guys to wait for me!”
“Ahhhh!” Josefina, McKenna & Isabelle sighed. Then everyone burst into laughter.
“That was the scariest prank ever Cecile!” Josefina chortled. 
“I was super scared!” McKenna admitted.
“I thought you’d eat us all!” Isabelle said.
“Well NOW I think it’s time to go trick-or-treating!” Josefina smiled.
“I agree!” Cecile, McKenna and Isabelle cheered.
Happy Halloween!! Sorry this post was a bit late! I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween! It was our first time ever celebrating it!! We all had a ton of fun! Did your dolls dress up for Halloween?
(Also I made all the costumes for this photo story except McKenna's, I just borrowed it from my little sister and then just tied a ribbon around her waist!)