Saturday, 20 December 2014

Karen is coming to town!

Hi all it's Josefina here! Oh look we got a letter!  It's from our cousin Karen!

WHAT?!? Today is the 20th!!! I haven't made her a bed or cleared the guest room! Where is she going to sleep?!

"Hi Josefina!" Isabelle walked in. "How are you? I've just been at the beach getting a tan, oh and by the way Cécile and McKenna are just doing some last minute christmas shopping so they won't be back for a while." Isabelle smiled, "you know how Cécile gets with her christmas shopping, she has to find the absolute perfect gift!"
"Isabelle we have to get the house ready! Karen is staying for christmas and she's arriving today!" I wailed. 
"Oh no she's here!" I cried.
"I'll get the door." Isabelle ran to the door, "and Josefina don't panic she won't mind! Besides we have the rest of the day to get the guest room ready."
"You can say that." I mumbled.
"Karen!" Isabelle smiled with joy. "It's so good to see you!"
Karen laughed. "It's fantastic to see you too Isabelle!"
They embraced.
Karen frowned. "Um isabelle I hate to ask but why are you wearing a towel/dress?"
Isabelle giggled. "Well over here it's summer and I was at the beach getting a tan, you should come with me sometime!"
"That would be delightful! I can't wait!"  Karen replied
Karen walked over to me. "Now Josefina why the said face? I though you would be happy to see me."
"Oh Karen I'm really happy to see you but the thing is, I only got your letter today and I haven't had time to prepare a room or anything for you.." I sighed.
Karen let out a hearty laugh, "Josefina I don't mind that you haven't made me a bed or prepared a room! I'm too happy to see you all that I wouldn't be able to sleep!"
I smiled "Oh Karen I'm so glad you understand, also I'm thrilled that you're staying with us for christmas and New Years!"
Isabelle nudged my arm and laughed, "I told you so!"


  1. What a cute photo story ♥ I hope Josefina, Karen, and the rest of the girls have a wonderful Christmas together!


  2. Thanks Maddie! I hope you all have a wonderful christmas too!!

  3. This is so adorable! I hope they had fun with Karen! I love Josephina's outfit and hair! ;)