Thursday, 17 July 2014

Our cousin Karen

Hello! It's McKenna here and next to me is my cousin, Karen (Our mum's, little sister's doll). For our aunty's birthday, we made Karen a dress and curled her hair. Her make-over is a surprise so she's staying in our room for the next couple of days until our aunt's birthday!

Karen is a MAG doll and has a awesome personality!! Mun took some photos of her just to show off her dress! Enjoy! :D

Mum attempted to curl her hair as it was originally straight. It kinda worked...

Karen has had the front bits of her hair pulled up and secured at the back with the cool flower showed in the previous photo.

A wave to the setting sun :)

Close up!

We absolutely adore her dress! From the sparkly buttons to the polka dot fabric that's finished of with some beautiful ribbon around the waist!

I will really miss Karen when she leaves our room! She's always there to catch me when I fall.. LITERALLY! I'm falling over in this photo and she's catching me! LOL

You've been such fun to hang out with Karen! I hope you have fun when you leave :)

The Big,Beautiful Red Flower

Hi! It's Josefina here! Today I found a massive red flower! Here, I'll tell you the story.

So I was just going outside, like a always do, when I found this HUGE red flower laying on the grass!!
"WOW!" I exclaimed.

It was so pretty! I wonder who had left it there.

"I'm gonna go show Isabelle!" I said to myself.

"Hey Isabelle! Look at this pretty flower I found just over there on the grass!"
Isabelle looked up from the magazine she was reading and came over. "Well I don't really like plants but I have to say, it's quite pretty. and HUGE!"

"I know right?! I better go put it in a vase with some water or it might die. You want to come?"I asked.
"Why not!" Isabelle shrugged her shoulders and followed me inside.

"Now that we've found a vase lets fill it with water!" I told Isabelle.

"There! Also the plastic tube around the stem stops the stem from snapping easily!"

"Okay lets decorate the vase! Ribbon always makes things look FABULOUS!" Isabelle explained as she tied the ribbon in a big bow around the vase.

There.. Beautiful!

And that's my story! I hope you enjoyed it!! Have you every found a massive flower?

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Scrunchies,Scrunchies & more SCRUNCHIES!!!

Hi! It's Cecile and Isabelle here! Yesterday it was raining so we decided to make scrunchies! (Scrunchies are a fun, groovy hair tie!)

We made so many... 12 to be exact!! What's Log doing over there?!?...

"I made a flower one for Josefina, she really likes it!" :D - Cecile
"I love the scrunchie guys! Thanks, it really matches my outfit!" McKenna said.

"My favourite is this one because it has ballet slippers on it!" - Isabelle
"I love this one because it has a funky pattern on it!" :D

Which one is your favourite?
-Cecile & Isabelle

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I feel like an island girl!

Hello! Or should I say Aloha! Hehe, it's Josefina here and today I decided to let my inner islander (made up word, I think!) come out! I know that I'm originally from Mexico but I couldn't resist after Isabelle did my hair in a beautiful lace-braid/fish tail (Inspired by Cutegirlshairstyles!) to dress up in an island dress and go outside to take some photos! But we couldn't stay long as a storm was brewing!

Here I am against a concrete step!

Don't you just love the hair?!? I think the rose really matches the dress :)

This is a close up of the dress! The dress is from Rarotonga. My grandparents, Mum's parents, brought 2 of them home: This one and a blue version!

Close up!!

And lastly one of the lace braids! Thanks for joining me today! 
Uh-oh here comes the rain! 
-Josefina :D

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Where's Cochon?!

Hello! It's Josefina! Today Cecile, McKenna and I are enjoying the lovely sun! Cecile and I are engaging in conversation but of course McKenna is off daydreaming! Silly girl! Haha :)

"Oh! I better go feed Cochon!" Cecile jumps up and heads off inside, "I'll be back in a minute!" She calls over her shoulder.
"Alright!" I call back. McKenna and I immediately start betting on how long she'll take. Cecile has a tendency of being late :)

Cecile comings running a break neck spread towards us. Well that was faster than usual, I think to myself.
"He's gone!" She cries. "Cochon has escaped from his house and he isn't inside!" Cecile starts to cry.
"Don't worry Cecile! We'll find him! Maybe he's outside!" I give her a hug. 
"Come on then, lets find Cochon!"

Is he behind here?... Nope  
Is he under here?....No 

"Hey Log, have you seen Cochon?" McKenna asked the lamb-dog.

He just gave her a look of confusion. 
"I guess you haven't then."

We all meet up again. 
"No luck?" Cecile starts to cry again. "He's lost forever!" She wails.
Just then we hear a voice behind us.

"Hey guys! Look who I found!" Isabelle walks over to us! "I was on my way back from the mall when I saw Cochon at a pecan stall. I quickly explained to the shopkeeper that he belonged to my sister and he gave me a bag of pecans and Cochon followed me all the way home!"

"THANK YOU ISABELLE!" We all cheered. Cochon hopped onto Cecile's finger and started preening himself.

"Oh you silly bird!" Cecile laughed. "I'm never losing you again!"


Saturday, 5 July 2014

The first day of the holidays!

HELLO!! I'm so excited!! Do you know why? Because today's the first day of the holidays!! Woo-hoo! 2 weeks of no school! YAY!

I'm going to do so much stuff these holidays! I'm going to sleep in late every-day! And sunbathe on the beach!

And of course play with my faithful companion: Log!
(Sorry about the focus on this photo! :D) 

I'm going to have an adventure everyday these holidays! What do you do in the holidays?!

Friday, 4 July 2014

A day by the lake!

Hi! Today mum and I went to the lake and took some interesting pictures! Don't you just love the view?!

Here is a close up! I really love the lake! 

Hey! I should take some of these plants home for Josefina! She would love it!

Ok, I'm really outside my comfort zone now! I'll try get down...

Whew! Made it down safe and sound! That was enough of an adventure for me! I hope you liked coming to the lake with me today! :)
(Oh and Josefina loved the plants I managed, after much struggle, to get for her!)