Friday, 4 July 2014

A day by the lake!

Hi! Today mum and I went to the lake and took some interesting pictures! Don't you just love the view?!

Here is a close up! I really love the lake! 

Hey! I should take some of these plants home for Josefina! She would love it!

Ok, I'm really outside my comfort zone now! I'll try get down...

Whew! Made it down safe and sound! That was enough of an adventure for me! I hope you liked coming to the lake with me today! :)
(Oh and Josefina loved the plants I managed, after much struggle, to get for her!)


  1. Cute photos! Isabelle looks great by the water!

    ~ Mint

  2. Thanks Mint! I know don't I look fabulous?! Haha! Just joking!

  3. This is super pretty! Isabelle looks stunning as usual ;) I love the scenery! I wish I lived closer to nature XD alas, I'm stuck in the suburbs.