Friday, 4 July 2014

Shells! For you & me! :D

Hello! Cecile here! A few days ago I went to the beach and collected some pretty shells and I wanted to show them to you! Here you go! :)

First off is my trumpet family! The sizes really vary. The biggest shell is about the size as my hand and the littlest one is a little smaller than my pinkie! Incredible!

Next is my swirly shell family! Can you see the little one in the middle! It's so tiny :D

Sorry about the focus on this photo but these shells all have a similar colour and/or pattern and I found these shells in different places on the beach! I've never seen these designs on shells before, have you?! 

These two shells are really cool because they have the same hole in the same place! Maybe they're twins. Haha!

This is my favourite shell because of its bright orange colour! It's so vibrant! So beautiful :)

Thanks for joining me today! I'm going to give some of these nice shells to my sister Josefina so she can put them in her treasure box! Do you like to go to the beach and collect shells or just sunbathe!


  1. Wow! Those are really cool shells!

    ~ Mint

  2. Thx! It took me a while to find them but I did after like 3 hours of searching! WOW! Thanks Mint!