Sunday, 6 July 2014

Where's Cochon?!

Hello! It's Josefina! Today Cecile, McKenna and I are enjoying the lovely sun! Cecile and I are engaging in conversation but of course McKenna is off daydreaming! Silly girl! Haha :)

"Oh! I better go feed Cochon!" Cecile jumps up and heads off inside, "I'll be back in a minute!" She calls over her shoulder.
"Alright!" I call back. McKenna and I immediately start betting on how long she'll take. Cecile has a tendency of being late :)

Cecile comings running a break neck spread towards us. Well that was faster than usual, I think to myself.
"He's gone!" She cries. "Cochon has escaped from his house and he isn't inside!" Cecile starts to cry.
"Don't worry Cecile! We'll find him! Maybe he's outside!" I give her a hug. 
"Come on then, lets find Cochon!"

Is he behind here?... Nope  
Is he under here?....No 

"Hey Log, have you seen Cochon?" McKenna asked the lamb-dog.

He just gave her a look of confusion. 
"I guess you haven't then."

We all meet up again. 
"No luck?" Cecile starts to cry again. "He's lost forever!" She wails.
Just then we hear a voice behind us.

"Hey guys! Look who I found!" Isabelle walks over to us! "I was on my way back from the mall when I saw Cochon at a pecan stall. I quickly explained to the shopkeeper that he belonged to my sister and he gave me a bag of pecans and Cochon followed me all the way home!"

"THANK YOU ISABELLE!" We all cheered. Cochon hopped onto Cecile's finger and started preening himself.

"Oh you silly bird!" Cecile laughed. "I'm never losing you again!"



  1. This is so cute! ♥


  2. Yay! I'm glad Isabelle found Cochon! When Mckenna asked Log if he had seen Chocon, I thought Log had eaten him or something! xD
    Lol...woops! Good thing I got that prediction wrong!

    ~ Mint

  3. Hahaha! That would have been very funny indeed! But luckily Log doesn't eat meat! (He likes grass!)

  4. I'm glad Cecile got her bird back! Cute photo-story.