Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A fabulously flowery photo shoot!

Hi! Isabelle here! Earlier this year, mum and I took some sweet photos in a nearby garden (public! Don't panic we didn't just go into someone's garden and take pictures! Haha) Here are a few of the pictures we took!!

OUTRAGEOUS! There is a bug on my face!!!! Arghh! Scary. But I still really like this photo! It makes my eyes look pretty!

Just casually chilling' in a flower bed....

I like this photo because even though I'm in the shade you can still see me! Wicked!

This is a zoomed out version of the first pic. And look the bug's still there! My golly gosh!

Well I hope you liked these pictures! Have you ever done a cool photo shoot, maybe with some flowers!...


  1. Oh my, this photo shoot is so pretty! Isabelle is stunning! I love taking pictures with flowers, it adds a nice pop of color =)


  2. Wow! Fabulous lighting! The first and third photos are my favorite! :) I have taken photos with flowers before, but not nearly as good as these photos! xD

    ~ Mint

  3. Thank you all very much for your lovely comments! We really appreciate it!