Sunday, 22 November 2015

What I got from the American Girl Store!

So as you can probably see by the photo I got CAROLINE WHEN I WAS IN AMERICA!!!! Ok so there's a big story behind getting her, i'll explain.
sorry about the lack of pics, I not very well at the moment.
So in like the first week of being in America we visited an AG store, I talked more about it in my last post :) I had planned to get Caroline from a store when I was there. So I was walking around the store and marveling at how beautiful and amazing the displays were. After a while I noticed the lack of Caroline items. So I asked one of the ladies if she was sold here and she said that they Caroline is only sold online. My heart legit broke. So my mum talked to the manager and we explained that we were tourists and then my dad phoned the american girl like online place and after hours of back and forth we managed to order a caroline doll and she was mailed to our hotel in Orlando. I am so blessed to have the amazing customer service and such awesome parents :) We walked into the store at 12pm and left at 3pm :) Yeah my younger siblings were tearing up the place! There were opening boxes and playing with their dolls and the tea sets it was so cute! But that experience and the effort to get Caroline just makes her so the more special, I just love that my parents spent so much effort negotiating and arranging the shipment. I love you guys! i know who probs won't read this post but you know I love you >.< We drove from Washington D.C and by the end of our trip we were in Orlando and she was in my hotel!!! And thats the story ;0 I now have another lovely lady to add to my collection! ^.^ 
Just a quick note :) If you are having doubts about getting her, I would try and get her before she retires. She is so pretty and will probs be quite expensive when she's retired! 
Love ya, Lydia!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I'm back from my trip!! :)

Hey hey hey!!! I'm back from my trip to America!!! Ahh it feels so good to be home :) We landed back in New Zealand a week ago today and man, am I glad to be back! I got a bit homesick while I was away! I missed my friends and my sister and my cozy bed >.< As promised I tried to take pictures but like half of them I can't seem to find.. like anywhere on my computer and sim cards O_o So thats strange.. but you have a few from the first week or two of travel! I made them into a little slideshow so this post wasn't a million miles long! So hope you like the slideshow :-*

usa trip slideshow - Kizoa Online Movie Maker

Now i should probably highlight some of my favorite things from my trip!

~ We went to Disney World Florida and it was so cool! My favorite was probably Animal Kingdom because there was less people and it was really inspiring to see all the different presentations about animals! Seeing as I'm thinking of a career with animals >.<

~ 'The Festival of the lion king' musical in Animal Kingdom! Oh the costumes were so incredible and  the dancing was spectacular. They did this aerial dance to 'can you feel the love tonight' there was legit tears in my eyes.

~ My first ever visit to an American Girl Store!!! Oh my gosh so in i think Washington D.C or in a city just outside we went to a mall and there was a American Girl Store in it!! Standing in the entrance I actually had so many feelings and emotions well up inside of me. I was in an American Girl Store!! I sadly didn't take any pictures inside because we thought we'd get told off but I spent about 3 hours inside it just walking and walking and walking around the amazing displays!

~ I went on my first every horse trail ride in Maryland. It was so cool! My horse was called Taco lol.

~ My discovered love for Oreos.. I'm not even kidding I could live on Oreos and Reeses buttercups!!!

~ Going to a Target was so so so great! I just stood in the toys aisle with my mouth hanging open. I need to show you guys what I got sometime >,<

~ Chick-fil-A!! My family ate at this restaurant many times... And consumed many Oreo milkshakes.

~ Toys-R-Us was just as I imagined it to be! A whole like warehouse dedicated to TOYS!! My heaven :)

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my trip overseas. Going to America was my dream and it was fulfilled! It was everything I had thought it would be, the houses were so cool and the way the neighborhoods were layed out made me so happy! I'm weird I know :) Thank you to all of you who recommended places for us to visit, we went to as many as we could and they were fabulous :-*