Sunday, 22 November 2015

What I got from the American Girl Store!

So as you can probably see by the photo I got CAROLINE WHEN I WAS IN AMERICA!!!! Ok so there's a big story behind getting her, i'll explain.
sorry about the lack of pics, I not very well at the moment.
So in like the first week of being in America we visited an AG store, I talked more about it in my last post :) I had planned to get Caroline from a store when I was there. So I was walking around the store and marveling at how beautiful and amazing the displays were. After a while I noticed the lack of Caroline items. So I asked one of the ladies if she was sold here and she said that they Caroline is only sold online. My heart legit broke. So my mum talked to the manager and we explained that we were tourists and then my dad phoned the american girl like online place and after hours of back and forth we managed to order a caroline doll and she was mailed to our hotel in Orlando. I am so blessed to have the amazing customer service and such awesome parents :) We walked into the store at 12pm and left at 3pm :) Yeah my younger siblings were tearing up the place! There were opening boxes and playing with their dolls and the tea sets it was so cute! But that experience and the effort to get Caroline just makes her so the more special, I just love that my parents spent so much effort negotiating and arranging the shipment. I love you guys! i know who probs won't read this post but you know I love you >.< We drove from Washington D.C and by the end of our trip we were in Orlando and she was in my hotel!!! And thats the story ;0 I now have another lovely lady to add to my collection! ^.^ 
Just a quick note :) If you are having doubts about getting her, I would try and get her before she retires. She is so pretty and will probs be quite expensive when she's retired! 
Love ya, Lydia!


  1. Caroline is so beautiful! Wow, amazing story! I'm SO glad you were able to get her. :)
    My sister wanted Caroline, but didn't have enough money and she was literally about to retire.
    At the last minute, I ordered her and gave her to my sister, who was still desperately trying to earn money! XD It was amazing. :)

  2. YAY! Congratulations, Lydia! She really is a gorgeous doll. I'm so happy you could get her!:)

  3. Oh, and I hope you feel better soon!