Monday, 15 December 2014

Decorating the Christmas tree!

"Hi Cecile! What are you doing?" Isabelle walked over to find Cecile standing by a tree half covered in tinsel and baubles.
"I'm decorating the christmas tree!! But I need some more baubles and tinsel." Cecile smiled.
"Can I help you finish it?" Isabelle asked.
"Sure you can! Now lets find some more decorations."

"No need to fear, I have HEAPS of baubles!" McKenna ran over to them.
Cecile laughed: "We weren't afraid but thanks for the baubles. You want to help decorate?"
"Yes please!!"McKenna squealed.
"Can I join in? I found a large amount of tinsel in a box in the attic." Josefina called and she stumbled over to them."It's all over me!!"
Isabelle giggled, "Sure you can! Now lets start decorating!"

"Here's some baubles Isabelle!" McKenna passed a handful of baubles over.
"Thanks McKenna!! This is so much fun." Isabelle said.
"Ok Josefina let me unwrap you there.. Ok we'll wrap the tinsel around the tree while McKenna and Isabelle place the baubles." Cecile said and started circling the tree.

After a frantic half hour of decorating the tree was finally complete.
"It looks wonderful," Cecile gazed in awe, "but isn't there something missing? Oh yes we don't have a star to go on top!" Cecile's face dropped. "We can't have a christmas tree without a star!"
"Maybe this can help!" Josefina produced a hand-made star from behind her back. "I made it at my after school craft group. We can put it on the tree if you'd like." 
Cecile cried out in delight: "Oh thank you Josefina! You are so creative!! This will look perfect on top of our christmas tree!" 

Cecile stood next to the tree and reached as high as she could. But she was to short.
"Oh no I can't reach the top of the tree, I can't put the star on now." Cecile said.
Isabelle rushed over. "I know! Cecile sit on my shoulders and you'll be sure to reach the top!" 

"Umm..OK, but please be careful." Cecile cautiously climbed onto Isabelle's shoulders. "Ok just walk a little bit closer..I'm nearly there.."
"Cecile I'm losing my balance we're gonna fall!!"

"Are you guys ok?"Josefina and Mckenna scurried over.
"Yeah we're ok, but what about the star? Did it make it?" Cecile and Isabelle asked.

"WOOHOO! It made it! Now our christmas tree is complete! That was one hectic tree decorating!" Cecile cheered
Thanks guys for helping me finish the tree! It's been very fun and exciting! Also it's nearly christmas :D
Happy holidays :)
-The AGfernfriends gang 


  1. Aww so cute! All your dolls look so adorable! Glad they had fun decorating.xD

    1. Thanks Rylee! Yep they had a blast decorating the tree! Luckily no one was hurt! :)

  2. Looks like they had a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks AGDTime! They sure did have a lot of fun :D

  3. Aww! This is sooo cute and I loved reading it! Their tree looks so pretty! :)

  4. The tree is so pretty! And I absolute love your blog!