Sunday, 12 July 2015

Isabelle.. Yeah Isabelle.. Don't know what to call this post :)

Howdy lovelies!! Hope you are all doing well! I'm currently sitting only bed with a cough and cold thing going on. Winter, lovely season you have to deal with lots of flus :( Anywho, Isabelle decided to venture out into the garden with me this morning while the sun was rising and peaking through the fence! It was cold but the frost looked cool so...The photoshoot must go on! 
There are quite a few pics by the way :D

I'm loving this picture!! Don't know why, but I am!

Alrighty! Hope you all have a fab rest of your day :-)


  1. Amazing photos!

    ~Ellie xx

  2. Her hairstyle is so cool! I love the first picture and the fourth!:)

    1. Thanks Emma! Yeah it was my first time trying it on her hair and I love it on her :D