Thursday, 13 August 2015

Planting flowers ~ A photostory

Did you guys ever make photo stories with your dolls? I know that I used to heaps. It was so much fun because I could really have a good time thinking up story lines and having my dolls portray them!  I sadly haven't in a long time so I decided to change that! So whilst I was planting the first plants into my new flower garden I'm creating, Natalie and Josefina decided to help out :) 

Howdy folks! Natalie here! I'm planting some flowers in my garden. Sadly Adelaide didn't want to help. She said there were too many bugs in the ground for her liking.. Bianca and Claire were out and I couldn't find anyone else to help me..

"I'll help you! I love planting flowers!" Josefina walked over to me. "Studying plants is one of my favourite things to do! And planting them in my free time is just the perfect way to relax!" She gave me a big smile.
"Oh that you so much Josefina! I needed an extra hand!"

"Ok why don't you dig and I'll place the flowers in the holes." I handed her a shovel.
"Right ho!" Josefina laughed and began to dig.

"Perfect!" I said as a patted down the soil. "Now we gotta plant the rest!"

A few plants later.....

"Ah this deserves a great tea break! Thanks for helping me Josefina!" 
She grinned. "No worries Natalie! Any time!!"

Do you like planting flowers? I can't wait until our flower garden is full of beautiful flowers.

That was fun, bringing my dolls out and not worrying that the pictures weren't super great but just having a good time :) Hopefully when I've planted more flowers and they've grown a bit I can take photos with them!! YES! I love flowers and photos :)


  1. Great photostory! I love Josefina's hair and outfit! What kind of doll is Natalie? She looks like a Barbie but sort of different.;)

    1. Thanks Emma! Well Natalie is a Lammily doll. She's a doll that has the proportions of an average 19 yr old american girl :0 Here's a link to a more detailed post about her :)

    2. Oh, that's cool!:)