Saturday, 1 August 2015

Updates :)

Hello lovelies! ok so I just wanted to post because I've had of things come up in my life at the moment and I wanted to just talk to you guys :) So first up at the very start of the year I started getting very tired and had to miss a bit of school because I was just so tired and had to sleep, though after I slept I didn't feel rested at all. Then after a few months I started to get headaches that have increasingly gotten worse, then the dizziness started and it's just like BLAH!! So I'm a bit of a train-wreck at the moment, we've seen doctors and have had scans, I was admitted into hospital overnight. But we don't really know what's going on ;/ I haven't really been at school lately so I'm starting something called health school. It's where I do just enough school work to pass the year and it's at home. It's only temporary, until the end of the term (September). So yeah that's quite crazy, i miss my friends but I try go in once a week to school for a day :) 
Next up, it was my 15th birthday on the 26th of July :-) I was feeling quite tired but my friends came over and we just had food and presents :) I got some Marvel t-shirts that I wear constantly. And one of my friends got me a top from America!! And it's bright orange! Two of my favourite things!! ^.^ Also I didn't get much from my folks because next week we are travelling down to Christchurch to go see Disney on Ice!! Oh my golly gosh I'm so pumped, i'll tell you guys all about it when I come back ;0 And I have some exciting that conquers all exciting news (well for me it does) but I'm going to leave you hanging and save it for a bit :D
So I may not be able to post as often or comment on your blogs, I will try my hardest to take pictures but I can never really determine how I'll feel that day 
Here's a Peggy 7 Seas :-) 
Now, if you guys read my last post I made a tutorial on how to get these fantastic curls on your doll and at the end of the video i had some pics. For the ones who didn't watch the video here they are :) 

 People have suggested that her name be Bianca and I think that name suits her very much, but well one of my friends is called Bianca and it would be kinda awkward if she found out that one of my dolls has the same name as her. Mmm oh well if she asks what name she has, I'll make a random name up! Do any of your dolls have the same name as any of your friends?

Until next time :) 
See ya! 


    *confetti* *cake* *hugs*
    Aw, I hope you feel better soon, dear. :(
    Disney on Ice sounds so cool! I've always wanted to see that!

    - Ellie

    1. Aw thank you Ellie! I cannot wait until Disney on Ice! I hope you can see it one day :D

  2. I call my Marie Grace, Gracie, and one of my friends has that name. My sister has a doll named Addy, and one of my friends goes by Addy and so does one of hers! :)
    P.S Sorry about all your pain! I hope you get better soon!

    1. That's awesome! I would probs call Marie-Grace, Gracie because her name's a bit long to say when your speaking really fast! >.< Thanks Bella :-)