Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy Birthday McKenna!!

Hiya all it's Lydia here and today I have a very special announcement. Today is McKenna's birthday. To decide her birthday I went onto a random date generator and it picked the 7th of September!
I've had McKenna for just over two years now and even though her hair is getting a bit yucky (I didn't know how to care for doll hair when i first got her! XD ) And her limbs are a bit loose she is still AWESOME! McKenna is the youngest of the family and is always exploring with Log She is loved very much! :D So a big: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MCKENNA!!
Lots of Love
Lydia & Josefina,Isabelle, Cecile


  1. Yay! Happy birthday McKenna!!! ♥

    ~Maddie (and the girls)

  2. Happy Birthday McKenna! Hope you have a fantastic day!
    **June, Emily, Kit, Ruthie, and Isabelle**

  3. Thank you guys! I had a fab day :-)
    - McKenna!