Saturday, 13 September 2014

Opening & Review of Disney Princess Dolls: Ariel & Rapunzel

Hello all it's Lydia here and today this post is a little bit different than the norm :D Today I'll be opening and reviewing to disney princesses,Rapunzel & Ariel dolls that I purchased yesterday. So here we go! 

Here is Rapunzel & Ariel in there packets.

They are from the collection: Disney: Little Kingdom. They are have MagiClip dresses.
This is them out of their packets. They are super pretty and are about the size of a polly pocket :P

Let's start with Rapunzel from Tangled. She is really pretty with green eyes and nice pink lips, also her bodice is really detailed and very adorable!

Her hair is SUPER long and curls around :) Also she has a tiara that can't be removed.

Her dress is very cool the bottom is really sparkly and swirly!

Next is Ariel from The Little Mremaid, she has beautiful blue eyes with a darker pink coloured lips that Rapunzel. Her crown is taller than Rapunzel's.

Her hair goes to about the small of her back and is a fabulous red colour.

Her dress is very pretty with a simple bodice and a cool sparkly bottom :)

Next are their dresses. I wanted to investigate what this MagiClip is all about :D
Under her dress Ariel has a turquoise coloured leotard and purple heels.

Her dress is two pieces that CLIP together and the back section has little plastic supporters that help her stand up (I find it does anyway).

Rapunzel has a lavender coloured leotard and purple pumps (the same colour as Ariel's)

Her dress is also two pieces with the same plastic supporter as Ariel.

Their limbs are movable and they can sit down but cannot stand up without their dresses on :( Also I found that Rapunzel's hair was so long that she can't sit up straight! Haha

I love these two, they are so awesome and also I LOVE Disney so that makes it even better :D

I hope you enjoyed this review! Sorry it was a bit long! Also I'm branching out a bit more and discovering lots of cool new dolls :D You never know your dolls may have some new friends! 

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