Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Exploration with Log! (Part 1)

Sup guys it's McKenna here.Today Log and I are at a reservoir and we discovered a cool pile of rusty old pipes! We figured we'd do a bit of exploring and see if we discover anything interesting.

"Hey Log come check this out! Let's see if you can fit in here and find anything."

He hoped up into the pipe and then slowly made his way through the dark tunnel.

I walked along the outside the pipe and met him on the other side. 
"Did you find anything?" He shook his head.
"Oh, ok let's keep looking."

"JACKPOT!! Look what we found a big concrete cube, box thingy! Let's check it out."

Log decided to sniff it out ahead of me when I heard a short yap. "Log!" I yelled. Oh no Log has fallen into the cube. 

"Hang on I'm coming for you!" I made my slow climb down the wall, grazing my knee in the process.

Whew I made it. "Are you alright Log?" He was a bit shaken but ok. "Well how are we going to get out of here? I don't think I can climb back up."

Log nudged my leg and made me turn around, he had found the only way out! Another pipe running through the wall. "You're not serious are you?! Can't we just call for help?" He gave me the: 'I'm not kidding' look. 
"Aghh fine. But I'm not going to like it!"

WE MADE IT!!! Mate it was a bit of a tight squeeze but I guess we had an adventure and did some exploring!
Just wait until you see the second part of our adventure.
-McKenna (& Log) :D


  1. Cool I can't wait for the second port of McKenna's adventures.

  2. Looks like you two enjoyed exploring! I love your outfit McKenna! ;)

    ~ Mint