Sunday, 12 October 2014

A DIsney Princess photo shoot!

Hiya all! Long time no see! Sorry bout that, any who I took a few pics with my mini Disney princesses yesterday and here they are! There are quite a few so be prepared :P

Rapunzel in the background tho!

I hope you enjoyed these pics! I know that they aren't AG dolls but I'm exploring new dolls so I'm might post a few more different dolls too!
Love Lydia! 
Also are you excited for Halloween! Do u celebrate it?! If so, how?


  1. Beautiful photos! I love your photography wether it is American Girl dolls or not! I am super excited to hopefully go trick or treating with some friends on Halloween. :)

    ~ Mint

    1. Thank you Mint that means so much to me! I was worried that some people might be uncomfortable with me posting other doll pics :/ But your comment has made me feel really good! Also TRICK-OR-TREATING sounds like a blast! :-*