Saturday, 21 June 2014

It's Cecile!

So today we have some super exciting news! The newest member of the AGfernfriends family should be arriving today! It's Cecile! We are so excited for her arrival we can't stand still!

"Hey guys I'm just going to take Log for a walk before Cecile arrives, he so excited he needs to go burn some energy. " McKenna said.
"Sure thing McKenna! I'm just going to finish doing this cute bun on Josefina and then hopefully Cecile will be here!" I said to McKenna as she headed for the door.
"Alrighty!" McKenna called over her shoulder.

McKenna opened the door and there standing in front of her was Cecile! 
"Bonjour!, oh sorry I mean, Hello! My name is Cecile and I'm your new sister."

McKenna gasped and then shouted: "It's Cecile! She's here!"
As she was saying this Log burst in-between her legs and ran to Cecile. "Haha!," McKenna laughed, "Looks like you've already made a friend!"
"Looks like I have." Cecile blushed. "I don't mean to be rude but what type of animal is he?"
"Oh that's ok! We don't really know what he is but he's a cross between Dog & Lamb so I called him Log! Long story, come on lets show you to my sisters! They are so excited to meet you!"

"Isabelle, Josefina! Cecile's here!" 
"Oh my Gosh!" I scrambled past Josefina and over to where McKenna was opening the door for Cecile.

We surround her and started all talking at once.
"I love your beautiful curls! You are the first member of our family to have curly hair! You lucky thing!" I exclaimed.
"I absolutely adore the flowers on your dress and hat!" Josefina remarked.
"Here let me take your hat and gloves because it's quite hot in here." McKenna said taking the items from Cecile.

"Woah! Guys lets giver her some air!" I said calming everyone down. "So Cecile," I leaned over to her, "tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What do you like doing in your spare time?"
So Cecile started her tale telling us about where she was from, New Orleans and how she spoke French AND English! She told us about her family and her love for shakespearean poems and her pet parrot Cochon! 
"He's here with me," she said, "but he'll be arriving later" She smiled. We talked for hours introducing ourselves and getting to know each other.

We are so glad to have a new sister! Welcome Cecile!
- Isabelle.

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