Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Easter!!

Howdy Everyone!! Easter is upon us!! I love Easter! I love all the colours, baby pinks and blues,the buttercup yellows and the creamy whites. Seeing the stores filling their shelves with chocolate goodies just makes me smile :) 
Easter Eggs are a yummy and awesome part of Easter, you can do so much with them! They are super fun to display in funky and unique ways :)
Giving them to friends & family is always one of my favourite parts of Easter!

And of course you can't forget.. EATING ALL THE EGGS!!!! 

Easter is a beautiful time of year, to get together with family and celebrate; if you are christian and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus or you gather together to have an fabulous egg hunt :) Whatever you do, all of AGfernfriends want to wish you a happy and safe Easter =)

-Lydia & the AGfernfriends community :D


  1. Happy Early Easter!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I never know what day you can say: "It's Easter!!" So confusing! >.<

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Universe Revolves!! ^.^