Friday, 12 June 2015

Time for a chat =)

Hi guys how was your week? I hope it was just a fabulous as you are! Mine was ok, well actually that is why I wanted to talk to you all. In the last few months I have been having these crazy headaches and had extreme tiredness. We are trying to get it sorted like going to the doctors and stuff but it's taking a while and we have no idea was is causing it :( It could be migraines it could be something totally random! I've had to stop playing viola and piano, my drama lessons and other activities because I've just been too tired. I'm barely going to school without falling fast asleep. I'm also finding it very hard to go out and take photos and post. So I just wanted you lovely people to know that I'm still here just not able to post as frequently as before :) Also if I'm following you, I see all your posts when i can but I may or may not comment because along with these health issues I have end of term assessments and projects that's taken up a lot of my time :) But lets not let this post be depressing! On a positive note, does anyone watch Star Wars Rebels?! I'm am so looking forward to SEASON 2!! Is it airing on the 20th June?? Well that probably the case in the US but I will probably have to wait about 2 weeks afterwards to watch it on TV in New Zealand. But OH MY GOSH I need it!! I'm so excited!!! (I'm a big Rebels fan if ya didn't know) 
And American Girl has recently had some crazy sales!! Wow dolls and outfits for only like $78 and 40% of different items!! That's insane! I heard that some of you guys got some things from the sales, I can't wait to see them >.< I hope you all have a fantastic weekend :D
Chao my friends 

Ginger Breadhouse! (Ever After High Doll.) It was literally raining when I took this pic. Winter in New Zealand for ya! No snow but rain, lots of rain.


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    1. Thanks Universe Revolves! Me too! >.<

  2. That must be really hard, stay close to the dolls ;) and I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks Teen Gir Reviews!! :D