Friday, 5 June 2015

Rain,rain and some yellow leaves :-)

 Hi guys! OK so literally it has hard core rained ALL THIS WEEK! I haven't been able to take photos  or really do anything :( But I kind of like the rain in a weird way. I really like walking in it.. Yeah any who today the sun decided to show it's face and give us a little bit of sunshine! Everything was still covered in pretty sparkling drops of rain so Isabelle and I were a bit damp after this photoshoot :-) 
P.S I was really loving her pink against the yellow leaves so I took quite a fews pictures of her amongst yellow leaves >.< Be warned! 

Here are some flowers I saw that had a few drops of rain on them :-*

Hope you guys had an awesome week! This coming Tuesday I have a choir competition which is exciting and I have this big project due in with my friend and we haven't done much of it so I should probably go work on that! O_o 
Until we meet again 


  1. Lovely photos! Isabelle looks really pretty!


  2. Beautiful photos of Isabelle! My favorite is the one where she is kinda hiding behind the tree, so sweet!