Sunday, 31 May 2015


Hi guys! So after a few hours of hard core blogging and computer work Dollyfernfriends is up and running!!! :D

My icon pic has changed, it is now 
It will probably change but for now it is that! ^

Now I know that my username is: Lydia AGfan. I just didn't know how to give myself one name. I'm not very computer savvy! So I think we'll just live with my name being Lydia AGfan :D But please just call me Lydia :P

What next, oh yeah down the right hand side of my blog I put pictures of some of the types of toys you'll on this blog! 

My button!!! 

It would so awesome if you guys could stick this on your blogs!! It would make my day >.<

It's still a working progress I will probably add and remove stuff from time to time :)
and now I don't really know what else to say...Welcome to DollyFernfriends!
P.S I'm so excited because I got a new Ever After High Doll yesterday!! Ginger Bread House!! I cannot wait to take some pics and show her to you guys!! ^.^

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